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Wear Soulboards Than you so much for getting the Affordable Natural drop thru for Tims Birthday. It meant a lot to us your friendly customer sercvice Sincerly Chad thomas
I really like your selection of boards especially the Bird Rock Rising Sun. Best ive ever ridden

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If you are looking for a longboard skateboard to cruise with or a top of the line skateboard to hit the streets with, you’ve come to the right place. Most of our longboard skateboards and skateboards come assembled, complete with trucks and wheels. We would be happy to handle any special request for a longboard or skateboard that you might have. We've got all the best longboard skateboards from Sector 9 and the highest quality skateboards from Plan B Skateboards.

So what is a longboard? A longboard is a lot like a skateboard just longer and comes in a lot of custom shapes depending on the manufacturer. Our specialty is bringing the highest quality longboards and skateboards to you the customer at prices that are easy on your pocket. Longboards and Skateboards are designed to be fun and bring out your own unique creativity, not put a giant dent in your wallet! Happy Skating...

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What's the Difference Between a Longboard and a Skateboard?

Skateboarding or Sidewalk Surfing as it was called in it's infancy by surfers in the 1950's, that were looking for something to do when the waves weren't up to par to go surfing. Skateboarding has evolved into longer skateboards called Longboards and has developed into a more concave feel with a raised nose and a tail that helps riders pop there boards and do tricks. The most common difference between a skateboard and a longboard is that skateboards are more for doing tricks and longboard skateboards are more commonly used for either downhill racing, slalom, or transportation. Due to its longer and wider base, a longboard is more stable, making the ride generally safer and more comfortable than a regular skateboard. Even though it can be harder for beginners to ride down hills at high speeds, their greater weight makes them less suitable for many tricks, but contributes to a more fluid motion by giving more momentum. Thus, a longboard will roll further with a single push of the foot.